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What Is The Lagree Method?

The Lagree method is the only workout that effectively combines Strength, Endurance, Cardio, Core, Body Stability and Flexibility in every move. It is high intensity, low impact resistance training targeting the slow twitch muscles of the legs, arms, obliques and core to give you a full body workout. Every move is performed slowly and against constant tension which activates your metabolism, burns fat and builds muscle. It is a multi-faceted workout that combines both resistance training and cardio into one- strengthening, tightening, and toning the body all within 45 minutes. When you engage more muscles in a shorter period of time, your body typically burns energy for a longer period of time. It’s almost like you’re working out even after you’ve finished your workout.


At Megaformer Kauai you will be shaking and sweating as you build long, lean and toned muscles while burning between 400-600 calories per class.


What Is A Megaformer?

Since its introduction into the fitness world, the Megaformer has been a state of the art tool for body sculpting and improving dynamic fitness. The Megaformer is a spring-based resistance trainer, and it's designed to work your entire body from all angles, especially your core muscles. It is built with two stable platforms in the front and back, plus a "gliding carriage" in the middle that moves back and forth. In the undercarriage of the Megaformer, there are a number of springs that control the amount of resistance used, and can be adjusted throughout a workout depending on the exercise. Extending out from the platforms, you'll also find moveable handle bars that are there for balance. The resistance springs can be adjusted to suit your fitness level, which is why anyone can take a class and walk away feeling like they received a challenging workout tailored specifically to them.


What Are People Saying About This Workout?

Thanks in part to glowing praise from celeb fans like Meghan Markle, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Obama, the Lagree Method/Megaformer workout is the fastest growing trend in America! In addition, Classpass, the fitness booking app, analyzed more than 100 million workouts to determine that the Megaformer workout (Lagree Method) is the fastest-growing fitness trend in America. Lagree Method is taught in over five-hundred studios worldwide.

We are so thrilled to now have this amazing megaformer workout/community here on Kauai! We love it so much and know that you will love it too!!

Special Offers

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New Client Two Week Unlimited

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“Take care of your mind, your body will thank you. Take care of your body, your mind will thank you.”

-Debbie Hampton

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