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About Us

About The Owner

Welcome to Megaformer Kauai! My name is Melissa Springer and I am the proud owner of this inspiring studio. It has brought forth so many new experiences, friendships and connections. I am thrilled to share with you this unbelievable workout that will change your body... and your mind. It did for me! I decided to open this Lagree/Megaformer studio here on Kauai for many reasons. After an 8 year career as a professional dancer (NBA-Utah Jazz, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, world-renowned Odyssey Dance Theater) and a 20 year obsession with physical fitness, I found myself continually looking for a workout that provided cardio alongside strength training that toned my body into long lean muscles and yet offered a full body workout all at once. I fell upon the Lagree Method when I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. It did just that and it was love at first class!

Within 2 short months, I saw incredible results! Not only that, the studio became a place of friendship, fun, laughter, support and community! I moved from Salt Lake City to Kauai in January 2020. That was an incredibly trying year for me, as I’m sure it was for many. I went through some tough emotional hardships but decided to turn my pain into pathways and wounds into wisdom. I’ve found such peace and comfort on this island through nature, community and friends; I wanted to give back. I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a business with hopes of spreading good health, healing, connection and joy to this community. Not to mention, provide an opportunity for people to completely transform their physique.

My desire for this studio is that it will be a space where we can all feel uplifted, supported, loved and connected; promoting mindfulness, kindness and camaraderie. A place where we can focus on good health and physical well-being. A space where we can all inspire each other to grow and expand; making us stronger-physically, mentally and emotionally. AND lastly, a place where we can all have a kick-ass time listening to good music and having fun!!


Meet The Team

Amy Pic.jpeg

Amy Truong

Amy Truong has been a lover of movement, fitness, and fun from the moment she landed earthside. Dance, team sports, gyms, group fitness class, and all things competitive and fun. In 2000 she experienced a back injury while using a leg press at her local "meathead" gym. She began practicing Pilates to rehabilitate her back and strengthen it to slow the progress of a slipped disc. In 2001 Amy enrolled in a Pilates Immersion course to deepen her understanding of the method, but life intervened and she put her studies on pause. In 2008 she enrolled in BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training program under the guidance of Constance Holder and founder Rael Isacowitz. Amy has completed numerous anatomy and special populations workshops/courses. She is trained in Barre, Spin, TRX, Myofascial Release, etc. She holds certifications in BASI Pilates, Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates, Pilates Suspension Method, Yoga, and The Lagree Method.


Why The Lagree Method? “I enjoy how The Lagree Method is taught and presented at Megaformer Kauai. I took my first class at the studio in May 2022, and I walked out with a genuine feeling of joy. The fellow members were so friendly, so welcoming and the instructors were so approachable. A studio with such a great vibe is a result of impeccable leadership. Melissa the owner made me feel right at home. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to be part of Megaformer Kauai’s mission to help others live their best life.”


When Amy isn’t teaching, she is obsessing over her two Basset Hounds, Barley and Chief. She and her husband enjoy taking “the boys” for romps on the beaches. 


Courtney Eiler

Courtney grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and started her career in fitness in high school when she began teaching swim lessons and was a beach lifeguard. Around the same time she started her yoga practice and fell in love with the teachings. In 2009 she made her way to Kaua’i and soon after became a certified yoga, barre and group fitness teacher.  She loves to incorporate mindfulness and body awareness into fitness routines and loves that Megaformer does exactly that. If she’s not in the studio, she’s out enjoying her two young daughters and this beautiful island. 


Courtney grew up swimming and dancing and started including her passions into her work life in 2003 when she became a beach lifeguard in Santa Barbara, CA. While lifeguarding, she also began teaching swim lessons and went on to coordinate the Jr. Lifeguard program. In 2004 Courtney took her first yoga lesson, instantly falling in love with the teachings and the practice, she continued to work as a lifeguard and regularly practice yoga until her love of all ocean activities drew her to Kaua’i in 2009. She soon began taking Barre in addition to yoga and then became Barre instructor almost immediately, loving the mix of yoga, Pilates and ballet. Courtney then became 200hr YTT certified and loves how yoga and barre keep the mind and body healthy.


Cynthia Fowler

Cynthia is a N.A.S.M. personal trainer, Power Yoga teacher, Corrective Exercise Specialist, columnist for The Garden Island, and most recently....certified Lagree Method instructor. She has been honored to follow this career path for the last 11 years, and oh what a ride it's been! Her heart is in her work, and the reward she receives from helping people discover their own strength and potential is beyond description. She attended University to study Exercise science in her early 20s and was fascinated by the mechanics and physiology of our amazing bodies. She’s originally from Tampa, Florida but has lived on Kauai for about 8 years now and it feels more like home to her than anywhere she’s been. She finally took up surfing in 2021 and fell in love with it. She plays Ultimate Frisbee with some awesome people here. It's her favorite sport and it's played a huge roll in growing her confidence. She loves hiking, freediving, rollerblading, skateboarding, skydiving and well, just about everything. Those that know her know she loves to dance. You might just catch some of her grooves at Megaformer Kauai!


Kristen Anderson

Kristen grew up on the eastern shores of Flagler Beach, Florida, where she fell in love with everything outdoors. She spent her days following her passion for surfing, art, photography, travel and culinary arts. She and her Husband moved to Kauai in 2013 and now have the honor of raising their daughter here on this magical Island they call home.
Becoming a Lagree instructor, helped facilitate her belief of helping others through personal fitness. Connecting the mind and body through mindfulness, while correcting posture and balance in a genuine positive atmosphere, is what she found through Megaformer Kauai.
When not in the studio, Kristen loves spending time with her family and friends, surfing, camping, exploring the islands and just creating new Art.

Laura BW.jpeg

Laura Lilly 

LIndsey Pic.jpeg

Lindsey Rivera

Lindsey Rivera is a mom of four and wife to her college sweetheart, Alex. She is a multi-passionate dreamer who lives for the process growth, both in her personal & professional lives. She loves barefoot hikes, the ocean, and always having a creative outlet to pour into. Lindsey was a soccer player growing up and developed a love for group fitness classes when she went away to college. Over the years she has tried it all, but always felt like something was missing. Until she found Lagree. After her first class, she was hooked. For the past year and a half, her passion for the method has continued to grow. Her personal experience as a prenatal client for all nine months of pregnancy has taught her so much about how Lagree can support our bodies through all stages of life. She is so excited to bring her passion for the method to each of her classes and continue to learn all that she can. 

Laura Lilly was born and raised in Texas and proud to call Austin her hometown.  She is a mom to her beautiful daughter and believes that motherhood is the greatest role she’ll ever play. Before Laura moved to Kauai in 2017, she lived in Bellingham for almost 9 years. She also lived in Costa Rica, Telluride, Colorado, New York City/Manhattan, Austin and New Zealand.

Laura was trained as an instructor at Barre3 and continued to teach that method of barre (yoga, Pilates, and barre combined) when she moved here to Kauai. Due to 2 herniated discs in her lower back, she had to put her teaching on hold. The Lagree method at Megaformer Kauai was the first class that she could consistently take safely enough for her injuries and it didn’t add to her chronic pain. Laura’s experience with modifications, as a client and instructor, comes through in her classes. She looks forward to making everyone feel safe and welcome in her classes, no matter where they are in their body, life or fitness journey.


Nicole Grove

Nicole is a devoted advocate of functional movement and fitness, deeply rooted in mindfulness. Growing up immersed in gymnastics, diving, and dance, Nicole faced the challenge of finding a workout that would push her limits without risking further injuries. Her quest led her to discover Lagree in San Diego, and from that first class, she was captivated. She was thrilled to see a studio open here on Kauai and is so grateful for the safe community and space. 
Drawing from her extensive coaching experience in the dynamic realms of gymnastics and dance, Nicole brings a discerning eye for form and technique to her Lagree classes. Infusing a rhythmic flair from her dance background, she commits to introducing new music in every session. Nicole is renowned for her down-to-earth approach and unwavering dedication to empowering all students to safely embrace challenges.
Beyond the studio, Nicole can be found  hiking, enjoying leisurely walks and playtime with her dog Kunu, camping alongside her husband, or long days at the beach. Join Nicole in her Lagree sessions for a transformative fitness experience, where her unique blend of expertise, rhythm, and mindfulness creates a space for everyone to thrive safely.


Stephanie Seiko Gailey

Is the mother to three children and grandma to four grandchildren. Stephanie was born in California and moved to Oahu when she was four years old. Stephanie also lived in Puerto Rico. She graduated in southern California and moved to Kauai in 1986. Stephanie has been in the Fitness Industry for 16 years. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Balanced Body Mat & Reformer Pilates Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach and is also certified with special populations such as diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and obesity.

Stephanie currently competes professionally in Tandem surfing as an ITSA Pro Surfer.  She placed twice in Dukes Ocean Festival. The ocean is home to her and she loves to surf.


Stephanie is passionate about Health & Wellness. “It’s from first hand experience that I feel a genuine compassion to help people as an instructor and friend.

Becoming a Lagree Method instructor has been a game changer. I love everything about it! It’s good for the mind, body & soul and I especially love the community it’s building at Megaformer Kauai.” Stephanie is also a Hawaii  licensed nail technician and has been doing nails for 33 years and works at the Grand Hyatt Kauai in Anara Spa.


Sydney Agudong

Sydney was born and raised in Wailua, Kauai. She has always been inspired by health and fitness her entire life. From gymnastics, volleyball, surf, yoga, dance, hiking, the gym, etc., fitness has always been a constant in her life. She is a big believer in mental health and expressive freedom through movement. "Movement is a beautiful path to better your mind, body, and soul."

Sydney found Megaformer Kauai a few years ago in her endeavor to discover new ways to workout. She not only fell in love with the Lagree Method and the mechanics of how the workout support the human body in strength, cardio, rehabilitation and recovery... but she was also amazed at the community that Megaformer Kauai brought along with it. She found a special home for the aloha spirit that welcomed all ages as she continued classes that encouraged her whole family to progress and feel confident in the method. She is so grateful to be a part of the Megaformer Kauai Team & community and has so much fun creating classes that are safe, effective, intense and rewarding.

"Physical strength will get you to the start line, but mental strength will get you to the finish line>"


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